Matthew Balon

Time for inspiration

One of my last year’s resolutions was to publish the first Hotel-Podcast in English.

Having watched a documentary about how the city of New York regained its creative vibe after the Covid crisis, my big dream has been to go there one day and record some great Hotel-Podcast episodes in the best hotels across the Atlantic.

This is quite an ambitious goal, which needs proper time and preparation. However, I’m a bit impatient so in the meantime, I’ve decided to invite Matthew Balon from Ruby Hotels and he kindly accepted my request to speak in his mother tongue.

Our conversation takes place in one of the hotel rooms of the Ruby Lilly Hotel & Bar in Munich and Matthew explains to me where his inspiration as the Head of Design comes from.

Furthermore, he elaborates on how to recycle materials in order to develop a more sustainable hotel and what can be left in hotel rooms to follow their very own strategy of “Lean Luxury”.

Overall, it’s a good start into my new adventure and the first step toward my New York goal. We definitely must see each other again for the continuation of this lovely, yet way too short conversation. Why not in the Princes Street of Edinburgh?